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Tachometer Hookup Instructions for Selected Brands

Auto Meter Pro Cycle Tach

Important Notes:

1. This tachometer has an air core meter. The tach pointer may not always rest at zero, this is normal. When engine is started, pointer will position on the correct rpm.

2. There tachometers (except model 19208 are water resistant on the face only. This includes normal washing, even moderate pressure washing. It has not been designed to receive extreme water pressure or any washing on the back side of the tachometer. We strongly recommend that you take precautions to protect the back side of the product from there conditions. In order to prevent condensation, instruments require ventilation; this results in points of entry for mud and water through the backside. The back of the water resistant tachometer must be protected in mud or dirt racing. Failure to take there precautions may result in voiding the product warranty.

3. Solid core ignition wires may cause tach interference.

4. Under charged battery may cause incorrect tach operation. Also avoid connection tach in series with ballast resistor or resistance wires to +12 VDC.
5. Avoid positive side of coil for green wire. (Do not attach green tach wire to +12 VDC of the ignition coil)

6. Isolate tachometer wires from ignitions source.

7. When charging battery, make sure power source to tach is disconnected

8. Do not use dry cell batteries as a power source tor this tachometer.

9. Tachometer wiring should be run inside insulated housing.

10. Use only supplied mount or see mounting options under 19000-19301 series. Others may void warranty. 

Ignition manufacturers recommend that the ignition and coil be matched according to criteria which they establish (often the ignition and coil are products of the same company.) If they are mismatched, minor malfunctions may occur, showing as erratic readings on the tach, Mismatching coil and ignition types are often the cause of incorrect tach performance.
Calibration (All model except Model 19233)

Your Pro-Cycle tachometer is calibrated for 1 and 2 pulses per revolution (Do not confuse with single and dual fire). If used on a 1 pulse per revolution system, cut the brown wire on the side, (off center) so that after it is cut it will be at different lengths (Fig. 1). This will allow the wires to lay next to one another and not make contact (Fig. 2). After the wire is cut, lay them next to the other wires, and slide the tube over them and into the grommet (Fig. 3). Slide the tubing by holding the wires after the tube with one hand. Grab the tube with other hand and push apart. After tubing is in the grommet, use the supplied nylon wire tie on the exposed wire to prevent the tube from coming out of the grommet (Fig. 4). If used on a 2 pulse per revolution system, the procedure is the same as 1 pulse per revolution except donít cut the brown wire.
Note: All Harley-Davidson type V-Twins are 1 pulse/revolution. The brown wire must be cut. If you are running a single fire system you must cut the wire and add a tach adapter to the coil (see diagram) if your aftermarket single fire ignition does not supply a tach correction output wire. In all cases when adding the above tachs to an H-D the brown wire must be cut.